Our Solution

The Problem

Professionals subscribe to specialized publications to stay informed, but due to the demands on their time, particularly at their desk, they are not able to read these materials as much as they would like.

At the same time, many professional content sources ask:

“Based on the scarce time our audience has to review this kind of material and the litany of sources competing for this time, how do we differentiate our content, and use it to drive audience engagement, retention and growth; particularly among emerging professionals?”

Our Solution

What if you could provide your audience the same content as the text, in a same-day, word-for-word, human narrated, smartphone-enabled, audio format? Instead of forgoing high-purpose desk-time, your audience could access the same content during multi-tasking activities such as commuting or exercising. This would solve their problem by expanding their capacity to consume your content by more than 209 hours per year and reducing their opportunity cost for accessing it.

In the meantime, you would:

  • Provide your content in a multi-tasking environment where competitors are inaccessible, and the other available sources (TV and radio) are less valuable.
  • Increase engagement across your entire audience
  • Place your content in a format more accustomed to by an emerging audience

In sum, more time to consume your content leads to higher engagement and value. Higher value leads to higher retention and growth.

Our Solution is Different Than a Podcast:

  • More analogous to an audiobook: Like an audiobook, we provide the same information as the text; however, we are dealing with a dynamic content source.
  • Solves a different problem: Podcasts are a supplemental source to the text, but for most, the problem isn’t that they need more information. Rather it’s that they don’t have time to consume the materials they already deem as valuable. This is the problem we solve.
  • Underscores the value of the text versus eroding it: What if your audience came to use your podcast instead of your publication? This would be a bad outcome. Our service offers the convenience of audio but in a way that underscores the value of text- it is the text!

Our People – An Additional Layer of Engagement

As a part of our patented system, we engage students from the area of expertise to produce the narrations.

From the students’ perspective, they experience first-hand educational benefit from reading the material and gain exposure to the professional audience who are all potential networking contacts and employers.

From the content sources’ perspective this:

  • Enhances the credibility, quality and brand of the audio format
  • Provides an innovative means of engaging students in the corresponding profession before they even graduate- we are literally paying them to read your content!


(Content Source Partners and Listeners)

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