We believe that when people are more informed, they make better decisions.

We believe that when more people are engaged, it’s easier to develop consensus.

We believe that the superior substance of text media has a critical role to play in today’s discourse, but it needs to be modernized.

We believe that using recent technological advancements to combine the substance of text media with the convenience of audio, creates a superior media format that addresses the changing habits and increased time demands of today’s professionals.



Our Solution

What if professional content sources could provide their audience the same content as their text publications, in a same-day, word-for-word, human-narrated, smartphone-enabled, audio format? Instead of forgoing high-purpose desk-time, their audience could access the same content during multi-tasking activities such as commuting or exercising. In the meantime, content sources would:

  • Increase engagement across their entire audience
  • Place their content in a format more accustomed to by an emerging audience
  • Give their audience access to their content in a multi-tasking environment where competitors are unavailable and the alternative sources of information (TV and radio) are less valuable

What Our Clients Say

(Content Source Partners and Listeners)

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