We believe that when people are more informed, they make better decisions.

We believe that when more people are engaged, it’s easier to develop consensus.

We believe that the superior substance of text media has a critical role to play in today’s discourse, but it needs to be modernized.

We believe that using recent technological advancements to combine the substance of text media with the convenience of audio, creates a superior media format that addresses the changing habits and increased time demands of today’s professionals.


Modio ("mobile-audio") Information Group partners with professional content sources to convert their text content to a word-for-word, human-narrated, audio format, delivered through our smartphone-enabled, white-label interface; thereby modernizing the content to a format more accustomed to by a younger audience and driving engagement across all users by giving them on average 209 hours of additional time per year to consume the underlying material without forgoing premium office time.

Elements of Our Service

Resulting in higher audience engagement, retention and growth.

Production of the audio content including narration and quality control.

Online posting and curation.

Distribution of the audio content via a proprietry mobile interface which has been white labeled to the content source.

Training and customer support.


In the past ten years, the number of Americans who regularly consume digital audio content has almost tripled to 67 million people:

  • This group tends to be more educated and more affluent than the general population, much like many professionals
  • 44% of this group are ages 18-34
Reference : Edison Research.

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